WE HAVE MOVED! Come visit us at our new location!!

7 03 2010

Thank you WordPress free hosting, it has been grand!

Woo Boy! Dang, That’s Cool has moved to some prime real estate just down internet lane. Please visit us at www.dangthatscool.com for all your cool science needs! We look forward to seeing you there!!



Go Outside, Meteors!

13 12 2009

Is it the Sunday/Monday midnight??? Yes??? Then go outside and look because the Geminids should be peaking around now and it’s supposed to be the show of the year!


Email Us!

7 08 2009
Email us! We recommend using the internet.

Email us! We recommend using the internet.

I just wanted to remind readers of something said in the very first post. If you have questions or are curious about some topic that hasn’t been written about (which is very likely since there have only been a handful of posts!), please shoot us an email at:


We’ll get back to you in a jiffy, and if the answer could double as an article, we’ll post the article and give you credit for prompting it! Wow! A foolproof shortcut to internet fame and fortune at your fingertips!


PS Really nifty post on molecular machines coming soon (maybe tonight!). Motors and capsules measured in nanometers, and more!

Demonstration of Water’s Polarity

31 07 2009

Hello! I’m gonna make this quick because there’s a tornado warning for my area right now. Quick and dirty demonstration of water’s polarity. Hope you enjoy.


More to come!

28 07 2009

Welcome to Dang, That’s Cool!

Sometimes people say science is “dry,” or “uninteresting,” or, god-forbid, “boring!” I’m here to debunk this horrible lie and bring to you the never ending wonder of a scientific understanding of the world. Here you’ll learn about everything from heart cells to photovoltaic cells, and more! We’ll talk about ridiculous animals, the origin of gold, the astounding properties of water, and everything in between. I’ll make everything easy to understand, and I’ll include pictures, diagrams, and analogies whenever possible. In addition I’ll keep you posted on important and fascinating science news.

Finally, I want you the reader to ask me questions, and I’ll research the answer and give you a comprehensive and understandable response.

It’s a dang cool world out there. Won’t you come explore it with me?