David Attenborough and More on Youtube!!

17 01 2010

The man himself! Sir David Attenborough.

The unparalleled naturalist David Attenborough has participated in a huge number of fantastic nature documentaries over the year, and it turns out a fair number of these are available on youtube! Having stumbled on these yesterday and spent several hours enjoying them, I felt compelled to share them with you, the public hungry for knowledge!


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All Episodes of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos Are Available Online!!

30 10 2009

Just look at him. As majestic as the Milky Way.


Holy Moley did I cry with joy when I learned this. Our friends at Hulu have put up all thirteen episodes of Carl Sagan’s magnum opus, Cosmos. If you’re unfamiliar with Cosmos, it’s an awesome series. Sagan explores a different topic each episode, outlining a particular feature of our wonderful universe with his characteristic awe and infectious enthusiasm. Stars, galaxies, the formation of the Earth? The origins of the elements, the subtleties of star death? You’ll find it here! I whole heartedly recommend you watch every single episode. Dang, it’s just so cool!
Go now! Go and be entertained and educated!



Brand New Pics from Mars Recon Orbiter

6 09 2009
It's Mars!! Picture taken by the wonderful Hubble Space Telescope.

It's Mars!! Picture taken by the wonderful Hubble Space Telescope.

Wonderful new pictures of the Martian surface have been released! Taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter that is currently orbiting Mars (really?), doing reconnaissance (no way!), the pictures total over a thousand in number and show a huge variety of geological features on the red planet.

You know, we live in an amazing time. We have a machine, orbiting another planet (also known as “that red speck you see in the sky at night sometimes,” to humans of earlier times), taking photographs of its surface and transmitting them through space back to the planet of its origins, where its makers decode its transmissions and turn them into images which they can stare at and point at all night long. We sent that machine there with a monstrously huge rocket engine, and we got it to go just exactly where we wanted it to, even though our planet is moving at 107,000 km/h around the sun and Mars is traveling 86,700 km/h. That’s not to mention the orbiter’s target is 55,000,000km away from Earth at its closest approach and an astounding 400,000,000km away at its furthest. Seriously. Everyone needs to appreciate the insane technological and scientific accomplishment that this represents. Humans are truly spectacular creatures, despite all our shortcomings.

Anyway, enough of me waxing poetic. Go look at those cool pictures of another planet!!


Everything You See Is Moving

14 08 2009

In the fullness of geologic time, even the tallest mountains crumble to the sea.

This is the process of erosion, where rock is pulverized into sediment and transported far away from its original source.  Eventually the sediment gets deposited in a new location, buried, and then baked into new rock by the immense heat and pressure of the Earth’s interior.  This rock may then be uplifted and eroded again, continuing the geologic cycle that has been slowly and inexorably churning up the crust of this tiny dot we call a home ever since its birth four and a half billion years ago.


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