David Attenborough and More on Youtube!!

17 01 2010

The man himself! Sir David Attenborough.

The unparalleled naturalist David Attenborough has participated in a huge number of fantastic nature documentaries over the year, and it turns out a fair number of these are available on youtube! Having stumbled on these yesterday and spent several hours enjoying them, I felt compelled to share them with you, the public hungry for knowledge!


Youtube user akhilind has posted many of these videos so I direct you to this person’s channel. He’s got the Private Life of Plants, which makes extensive use of time lapse photography to bring slow (but fascinating!) plant behavior into the realm of human perception. He’s got the classic Planet Earth, a practically pornographic (in the lushness of the visuals, I mean!) look at our planet from pole to pole. He’s got Blue Planet, which focuses on the watery parts of our globe. He’s also got a wide variety of other documentaries, with the emphasis seeming to be on environmental preservation and appreciation. So give it a look!

As a personal recommendation, let me suggest the episode of the Private Life of Plants called Flowering, which provides many many examples of unique and wonderful flower/pollinator relationships. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r96hhTmNCX0

[[EDIT: These episodes of the Private Life of Plants have been taken down as of Feb. 20, 2010. Try user shienlen for some the regulators seem to have missed (http://www.youtube.com/user/shienlen).]]

Now keep in mind this is just one person’s channel! There are many other users who have uploaded many other entertaining and informative videos from all kinds of different productions. Just search around for a topic of interest and you’re sure to find some material you’ll enjoy. Youtube is an excellent resource for education, and if you can for a moment gently push aside the videos of obese men eating pizza or small mammals rapidly turning their heads, you can discover a treasure trove of wonderful things. Sometimes people complain that the internet is not used to its full potential as an information disseminating medium, but that is hardly the fault of the internet! It’s simply ours. The material is there, waiting to be viewed. It’s only up to us to click the link!

So go look! Go on! I promise you’ll find something you like.





2 responses

21 02 2010

Videos removed – do you know where we can watch Private Life of plants now?

21 02 2010

Ugh, awful! That stinks! I did a search on youtube for “private life of plants” and there are some scattered clips still up. User shienlen (http://www.youtube.com/user/shienlen) has a handful of the complete episodes up. Better than nothing, but what a shame.

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