New Tunes from John Boswell

23 11 2009

I recall reading a discussion on science and poetry. I recall the author (I can’t remember who it was) asking, where are the poets inspired by science? Given the indescribable beauty and majesty of this universe we live in, and are part of, why is it that we find so few poets or artists inspired by scientific discoveries? I don’t know the answer to the question, but I have a bit of evidence that contradicts the assumption that science fails to inspire art!

Hot off the presses, here’s another stirring melody from John Boswell of Symphony of Science. You will remember him from the two other pieces he has composed, also posted on this site.

Without further delay, here’s “Our Place in the Cosmos,” by John Boswell, and featuring the words of Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Michio Kaku and Robert Jastrow.


What are your thoughts on our place in the cosmos as revealed by science? Do you find it frightening to confront our smallness? Does the enormity of time, stretching so far in either direction, make your life seem vain? Do you struggle with the idea that you and all your wonders stem from a body made of matter? Or does our smallness inspire you to consider with what luck we exist at all? Does the enormity of time force an emphasis on this very moment? And does all of human complexity stemming from common matter elevate that matter, rather than degrading the human? What do you think?





One response

3 12 2009
Sam T

Wow this one is awesome! I liked it a lot.

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