Two Beautiful Pieces of Music

26 10 2009

Listen up! It's music time.


I think there’s been a little too much talking here lately about leaf abscission layers and not enough awe-struck open-jawed reveling in the absurd beauty of existence. So to help remedy this dreadful lack, I’m going to post two wonderful videos/songs for you to listen to. The fellow who created these is named John Boswell and he has a site here.

First is a piece called “We Are All Connected,” which samples such heroes as Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Bill Nye, and up-and-comer Neil deGrasse Tyson. Here you go:

Second is one called “A Glorious Dawn,” and it samples mostly Carl Sagan but a bit of Stephen Hawking. Here it is:

Well I hope you enjoyed that… There is nothing like music to make you really feel a powerful sentiment.





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