William Nye the Science Fellow

5 08 2009
Oh Bill... You're so dreamy...

Oh Bill... You're so dreamy...

I love Bill Nye. I LOVE Bill Nye. Bill Nye is a fantastic person. Bill Nye’s television show Bill Nye the Science Guy opened the eyes of thousands of children to the wonders of science! That’s one of the best things a person can do! Well listen, I didn’t write this post to gush about Bill Nye, though I could have. I wrote it to alert you to an important fact:

Every episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Youtube.


I’d like to repeat that, because it is really important. And I’m going to do it in bold print this time.

Every episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy is on Youtube.

Let me put that in perspective for you. There are 100 episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy, each covering a distinct topic. Now, the series is geared toward children, so it’s not the most serious, hard-hitting and sober show there is, but… who cares? It’s fantastic. Check out this episode list:

1 Flight
2 Earth’s Crust
3 Dinosaurs
4 Skin
5 Buoyancy
6 Gravity
7 Digestion
8 Phases of Matter
9 Biodiversity
10 Simple Machines
11 The Moon
12 Sound
13 Garbage
14 >Structure
15 Earth’s Seasons
16 Light and Color
17 Cells
18 Electrical Current
19 Outer Space
20 Eyeball
21 Magnetism
22 Wind
23 Blood and Circulation
24 Chemical Reactions
25 Static Electricity
26 Food Web
27 Light Optics
28 Bones and Muscles
29 Oceanography
30 Heat
31 Insects
32 Balance
33 The Sun
34 Brain
35 Forests
36 Communication
37 Momentum
38 Reptiles
39 Atmosphere
40 Respiration
41 Planets
42 Pressure
43 Plants
44 Rocks and Soil
45 Energy
46 Evolution
47 Water Cycle
48 Friction
49 Germs
50 Climates
51 Waves
52 Ocean Life
53 Mammals
54 Spinning Things
55 Fish
56 Human Transportation
57 Wetlands
58 Birds
59 Population
60 Animal Locomotion
61 Streams>
62 Nutrition
63 Marine Mammals
64 Earthquakes
65 NTV Top 11 Video Countdown
66 Spiders
67 Pollution Solutions
68 Probability
69 Pseudoscience
70 Flowers
71 Archaeology
72 Deserts
73 Amphibians
74 Volcanoes
75 Invertebrates
76 Heart
77 Inventions
78 Computers
79 Fossils
80 Time
81 Forensics
82 Space Exploration
83 Genes
84 Architecture
85 Farming
86 Life Cycle
87 Do-It-Yourself Science
88 Atoms and Molecules
89 Ocean Exploration
90 Lakes and Ponds
91 Smell
92 Caves
93 Fluids
94 Erosion
95 Comets and Meteors
96 Storms
97 Measurement
98 Patterns
99 Music
100 Motion

Holy crap! Look at all that. I’m not even sure why I write this thing, because you could just go watch Bill Nye the Science Guy! But wait… could there be more? There is! There is more! Also present on youtube is all the episodes of Nye’s new show (Yes he has a new show, where have you been?) The Eyes of Nye. I know you like information in list form, so how about another spoonful?

101 Astrobiology
102 Pseudoscience
103 Addiction
104 Cloning
105 Nuclear Energy
106 Sports
107 Population
108 Race
109 Antibiotics
110 Genetically Modified Foods
111 Transportation
112 Global Climate Change
113 Evolution of Sex

Wow! That’s 113 episodes of science goodness in an entertaining and informative fashion. Seriously, this guy is awesome and the show is really good. You need to watch some Bill Nye, right now.


PS Ever wonder why Bill Nye is so awesome? Here’s a hint: he was taught by Carl Sagan at Cornell! See the influence one person can have?




5 responses

6 08 2009
Sam T

Is the Eye of Nye stuff up? It sounds edgier and more grown up.

Also I heard he was kind of a jerk and dumped his fiance or something last minute. But his science is good!

6 08 2009

Yes, the Eyes of Nye is up. I can’t comment (nor am I interested) in his personal life. But these things are usually more complicated than rumors suggest.

6 08 2009
Sam T

Also did you ever watch Battlebots? That was a sweet show. Bill Nye was like the science dude on that, too, I think.

6 08 2009

Yes, it was definitely a sweet show. Nye was the “technical consultant” and I think I remember him interviewing people about how they constructed their robots. It was the best in the beginning before people really understood what the best ways to kill each others robots were. In the beginning you had huge diversity of robots – robots with pneumatic spikes that shot out (Vlad the Impaler!), robots with huge saws, and so on. After a while it was just robots that flipped other robots and those wedge shaped ones. Knockout by flipover is just not exciting.

15 08 2009

Except for Son of Wyachi!! That was a robot with three or four hammers spinning around a central axis. None of the flipper bots could get close to it; they just got torn to shreds by the hammers.

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